TyreBurn Android Application Support Page

This is a support page for the “TyreBurn” Android application for smartphones.

Tyre Burn is a game where you attempt to evade various enemy vehicles. As a top-down vertical scroller reminiscent of classical arcade games, i’m sure it will give you minutes hours days of fun! Use the rotation of your phone to control your vehicle, and tap the screen to use poweups as you collect them.

The latest versions are:

  • Beta: 5.3r2
  • Not fully released yet:

Known issues with 5.3r2:

  • Canvas sprites may on rare occasions fail to interact correctly

Note that this application is designed for android smartphones, not really tablets.

If you have any bug reports or suggestions you would like to make, Please use the form below below to do so.

Thanks for taking an interest in my application!

I remain,


Feel free to simply use the name “anonymous”. I would like an e-mail, in case I have any follow-up questions to your comments.


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